Latest GNSS technology platforms offer out-of-the-box support

28-08-2020 | U-Blox | New Technologies

U-blox has stated today that its current GNSS platforms, from u-blox M8 and beyond, support the recently finished BeiDou navigation satellite system modernisations, enhancing the availability of GNSS positioning services.

The company has been driving technological innovation and deeply involved in the Chinese market for numerous years. Tests conducted across China and Europe have revealed that including the BeiDou system can better the positioning accuracy of GNSS receivers when multiple navigation satellite systems are tracked concurrently. Particularly when signals are partly obstructed, positioning precision can be dramatically increased by including the system.

Applications of GNSS technology proceed to diversify, leveraging the all-time, all-weather, navigation, tracking, and timing services it offers. GNSS technology is entering deeper into established industrial verticals, such as forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, power and energy, plus in railway and air transportation, including their infrastructure management and construction.

At the same time, GNSS technology has become an indispensable and 'smart' winning factor in emerging application fields such as the IoT and the IoV, as well as in innovative applications such as autonomous driving, automatic parking, and automatic logistics. It is now commonplace in many industrial and consumer use cases.

“U-blox has been closely following the modernisation of the BeiDou navigation system and is ready to work with partners in various industries to promote the expansion of industry applications, expand emerging markets, and jointly create a green industry ecosystem,” says Hamilton Chen, China country manager at U-blox.

By Natasha Shek