New products deliver dependable power flow to critical components

Transtector has introduced new lines of IEC connectors and PEMs, IEC connector accessories, and IEC PDUs. There are over 100 connector/PEM/PDU configurations to select from. Collec

Power | 26-04-2024

Beefed up line of weatherproof polycarbonate NEMA enclosures

Transtector has expanded its line of UL-listed polycarbonate NEMA enclosures. The new indoor/outdoor boxes include built-in power outlets and thermostat systems. They protect equip

Industrial | 21-03-2024

Economical new EV charging cables suit Level 2 applications

Transtector has released a new line of EV charging cables. The cables are designed for the increasingly popular Level 2 charging application, employing the tried-and-true J1772 con

Automotive & Transport | 26-01-2024

AC/DC power fuses for overcurrent protection rolled out

Transtector has released a new line of AC/DC power fuses. Electrical overcurrents can create havoc on a building's power system, damaging wiring and other infrastructure and even e

Passives | 05-01-2024

New line of easy-to-install locking field-termination power connectors

Transtector now offers a new line of locking field-termination power connectors. The standard IEC C13 connectors are utilised to power countless components, allow you to make quick

Power | 26-09-2023

New line of TC-ER-rated tray cable in custom lengths

Transtector has launched a new line of exposed-run, TC-ER-rated tray cable. It was created to hold up under extreme heat and moisture and arrives in bulk reels so installers can ch

Industrial | 24-07-2023

Power cords for a variety of computer networking applications

Transtector has released a new line of power cords for various computer networking equipment. The cords have features to make installations more functional, such as twist-lock conn

Industrial | 22-06-2023

Outdoor AC panel surge protectors protect against transient surges and EMI

Transtector has launched a new line of outdoor AC panel surge protectors with high-capacity MOV technology. They shield AC power networks and local AC equipment from transient surg

Passives | 23-05-2023

New outdoor IP67-rated PoE injectors and splitter

Transtector has launched two new outdoor, IP67-rated PoE injectors and a PoE-compatible splitter. The new injectors add power to a PoE-capable device via its Ethernet data cable, e

Industrial | 27-04-2023

Expanded high-speed surge protection with protector rated for outdoors

Transtector Systems now offers a new outdoor, 10GbE, PoE++ data surge protector. The new industrial surge protector is created for use with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PoE++ networks,

Passives | 29-03-2023

New and larger weatherproof NEMA polycarbonate enclosures

Transtector Systems has extended its line of weatherproof, polycarbonate NEMA enclosures with its two largest sizes yet. The new, roomier models measure 24" x 24" x 10" and 20" x 1

Subs & Systems | 26-07-2022

New DIN-rail DC surge protectors available now

Transtector Systems has launched a new line of DIN-rail DC surge protectors that stop electronic equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes and other transient voltage. They

Power | 19-04-2022

New AC surge protectors save space with compact form factor

Transtector Systems has launched new AC surge protectors. The SP50RS Series AC surge protectors provide UL1449 Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs and are excellent for telecom base stations, e

Power | 08-11-2021

New AC power strip surge protectors offer leading-quality protection

Transtector Systems now offers new AC Power strip surge protectors for same-day shipping. The high-performance AC power strips give industry-leading surge protection coupled with n

Power | 27-05-2021