New line of TC-ER-rated tray cable in custom lengths

24-07-2023 | Transtector | Industrial

Transtector has launched a new line of exposed-run, TC-ER-rated tray cable. It was created to hold up under extreme heat and moisture and arrives in bulk reels so installers can choose length needs in the field.

The outdoor-capable power cable is provided in shielded and unshielded versions. The shielded power cord bulk cable has conductive material to protect signals from EMI and RFI. This includes potential disruption from nearby power lines, motors, electronic devices, wireless signals, and cross-talk from nearby cables. It is also grounded to supply a path for induced currents to flow away harmlessly without affecting the internal signals.

The versions of the new power cable fulfil multiple UL ratings and a VW-1 burn rating, have a wide temperature range, and are obtainable in various wire gauges and conductor counts. They are developed for antenna and tower runs with high-power APs, telecom, factory automation, crypto rigs, field repair and DC Defender products. They can be employed for DC power, building wiring, anything industrial with terminal-block power, and more.

The new 600V tray cable is obtainable in multiple combinations of gauges and conductor counts for versatility. They come in 10AWG, 12AWG and 14AWG, and each gauge is provided with a choice between two conductors or three conductors.

The exposed-run tray cable fulfils three key Underwriters Laboratories specifications. UL 83 is a safety standard for thermoplastic-insulated wires. UL 1277 covers electrical power and control cables with two or more current-carrying conductors. UL 1581 is a reference standard for cable performance under high temperatures.

This new 600V power cable protects signals from water, UV rays and high heat. The cable's THWN and THHN jacket suit wet and dry locations. The PVC-clad cable has also passed a VW-1 flame test and carries a 'fire-resistant' designation. It holds up under operating temperatures of -40F to +190F (-40C to +90C).

"We offer our new exposed-run tray cable in bulk reels to allow installers to determine custom length requirements on the job site," said product line manager Dan Rebeck. "And with Transtector, you can buy it from the vendor you are already getting your cable assemblies, surge protectors and power cords from."


By Seb Springall

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