Power cords for a variety of computer networking applications

22-06-2023 | Transtector | Industrial

Transtector has released a new line of power cords for various computer networking equipment. The cords have features to make installations more functional, such as twist-lock connectors, right-angle connectors and splitter cords.

The new power cords are supplied in several capacity options. There are models rated at IEC C14, IEC C19 and NEMA 5-15. This makes them compatible with various components found in computer server rooms and elsewhere, including those offered by the company. These include computers, computer monitors, printers, servers, switches, routers and PDUs.

The C14 power cords are compatible with lower-power devices, including computers, monitors and printers. They provide a three-pronged male plug with a ground pin and two flat pins that fit into a C13 female connector.

The new C19 power cords are compatible with higher-power devices such as servers. They have a three-pronged female connector with a ground pin and two round pins that mate with a C20 male connector.

The NEMA 5-15 power cords are compatible with low-power devices, including computers, monitors and printers. They have a round grounding pin and two flat blades rated for up to 125V and currents of up to 15A.

Some of the company's new power cords offer angled or twist-lock connectors for more functionality. The angled models are space-savers that allow positioning a cord closer to the wall or other surface. They also relieve strain caused by a cord having to be bent to fit a narrow space. Twist-lock connectors keep a tight joint to stop disconnects due to tension, vibration and accidental bumps.

The new product offering includes splitter power cords or Y cables. A splitter cable has one male end for plugging into an outlet and two female ends to power two components. They permit fuller use of rooms where more electrical outlets are required.

"Our new power cords are compatible with products that are already on the Transtector website. We expect these offerings will be welcomed by IT managers, network installers and PDU users, and by those with needs for industrial power applications," said Transtector product line manager Dan Rebeck.


By Seb Springall

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