New DIN-rail DC surge protectors available now

19-04-2022 | Transtector | Power

Transtector Systems has launched a new line of DIN-rail DC surge protectors that stop electronic equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes and other transient voltage. They are compact, offer high surge capacity, are rated for indoor use and are a DIN-rail mount design.

The new I2R-T2DC Series DC surge protectors are flexible for multiple uses. They are excellent for telecommunications networks (tiers 1, 2 and 3), industrial sites and clean-energy network applications. They are being used in communications base stations, industrial automation, IT and data centres, utilities and photovoltaic power systems. They cover a broad range of operating voltages, from 48VDC to 1500VDC, and are offered in single, dual, and tri-mode protection configurations.

The new DIN-rail DC surge protectors are safety/performance rated to UL Standard 1449, 4th Edition, for Type 2 SPDs. Also, they provide high capacity, 50kA MOV protection technology and local and remote status indicators. Their DIN-rail mount makes for easy installation and universal adaptability.

“Industrial networks can be taken down by lightning strikes and power surges that cripple mission-critical networks,” said Dan Rebeck, product line manager. “Our new DIN-rail DC surge protectors offer a safeguard against not only lightning but other destructive electrical transients.”

By Natasha Shek