Oscilloscopes deliver excellent user experience and more choice for engineers

Tektronix has added two new oscilloscopes to its product portfolio with the 3 Series MDO and the 4 Series MSO. Designed for a extensive range of exacting applications at an afforda

Test & Measurement | 07-06-2019

New AFG is packed with innovation

Tektronix has redefined the arbitrary/function generator (AFG) with their new AFG31000 series. A new design, the device features many key firsts including what is claimed to be th

Products | 26-10-2018

Innovative USB-based spectrum analyzer range expands

The new Tektronix RSA500 and RSA600 series of analyzers offer frequency coverage from 9kHz up to 7.5GHz with 40MHz acquisition bandwidth, a measurement dynamic range from -161dBm

Products | 21-04-2016

Affordable new arbitrary / function generator for education and entry-level T&M

Tektronix has introduced the AFG1022 - an entry level arbitrary / function generator featuring best-in-class performance and functionality to support a wide range of use cases and

Products | 02-04-2015

New RF signal generator offers top price-performance ratio

Tektronix has introduced the TSG4100A series of vector signal generator (VSGs) pitched at the price of basic signal generator. RF signal generators are widely used in product desig

Products | 04-03-2015