New optical transceiver test platform reduces test time

03-09-2020 | Tektronix | Test & Measurement

Tektronix has released its new 8 Series sampling platform, a disaggregated modular instrument series possessing parallel acquisition, with up to four channels per mainframe and high measurement accuracy for PAM4 optical signals on multiple inputs simultaneously. The series comprises of the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope Mainframe, optical sampling modules, and TSOVu, a new software platform that operates independently of the mainframe on host PC for both live and offline processing of collected data. The company also offers the TCR801, an external optical clock recovery module which includes dual-band ranges around both 26GBd and 53GBd. These instruments and software give a platform solution for fast acquisition and analysis.

“Our customers are facing new challenges with the increased demand for bandwidth and network capacity,” says Matt Ochs, general manager of the Performance Portfolio at Tektronix. “The 8 Series helps solve critical problems by delivering a scalable platform that reduces test times, while also providing fast, accurate and repeatable test results.”

The series’ mainframe is a configurable, compact instrument with what is claimed to be the smallest modular form factor in the market, at just 3U high. Built to maximise the utilisation of the rack space, this instrument is excellent for optical manufacturing applications, where users can swiftly add new analysis capabilities and reconfigure test systems to support future standards and changes in workflow. Offline and remote modes of operation increase the analysis and visualisation capability of the device beyond the oscilloscope to a user computing environment, aiding seamless transition from design phase to debug, characterisation and manufacturing test.

By Natasha Shek