Second generation isolated oscilloscope probes offer smaller size and more capabilities

30-10-2020 | Tektronix | Test & Measurement

Tektronix has released its second-generation IsoVuTM Isolated Oscilloscope Probes, the TIVP Series, which greatly advance the abilities of the ground-breaking probes, introduced in 2016. The second-generation probes expand the applications for isolated probe technology to the complete power system design market with a smaller size, enhanced ease of use, and better electrical performance.

Completing accurate measurements on high-speed ungrounded systems can be almost impossible employing traditional differential probes. Engineers working with wide-bandgap technologies, including SiC and GaN, face tough challenges to accurately measure and characterise devices due to the higher frequencies and switching speeds involved. By galvanically isolating the probe from the oscilloscope, the probes have changed how power researchers and designers make wide bandgap power measurements.

“When first introduced, the IsoVu probes represented a true breakthrough for our customers because they could gain actual insight into the performance of the high side of their half-bridge designs, eliminating a significant blind spot,” said Suchi Rinivasan , general manager of Tektronix Mainstream Solutions. “With this second generation of IsoVU, we are making this cutting edge isolated measurement technology accessible to a broader range of customers for such tasks as product level R&D, validation and EMI troubleshooting.”

By Natasha Shek