New oscilloscope delivers significant innovation

22-09-2020 | Tektronix | Test & Measurement

Tektronix has announced the new 6 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope which extends the performance threshold of the company's Mainstream Oscilloscopes Portfolio to 10GHz and 50GS/sec. Designed to satisfy the demand for high-speed data movement and processing in embedded designs, the enhanced series provides excellent signal fidelity with12-bit ADCs and extremely low noise, 10GHz bandwidth and up to eight FlexChannel inputs, allowing users to confidently analyse and debug today’s embedded systems while enjoying exceptional ease of use. Alongside the new series, the company is also introducing the new TDP7710 TriMode Probe, which extends the line of TriMode probes to match the advancements of the new oscilloscope.

“At Tektronix, we are dedicated to providing high-performing test and measurement equipment that meets the growing industry need for a precise balance of speed and accuracy,” says Chris Witt, vice president and general manager at Tektronix. “Embedded designs are growing more sophisticated by incorporating additional sensors that generate increasing amounts of data. This instrument addresses the new requirements of testing these systems to advance video, motion and 3D sensing technologies.”

The new series goes beyond the expected, enabling top manufacturers to bring cutting-edge and higher performance products to medical, industrial, consumer and computer markets. Well designed, this instrument is ready for higher-speed embedded designs, demanding mixed-signal design troubleshooting and accelerating serial bus speeds. The series is also extremely effective for diverse applications in semiconductors, power integrity, automotive, defence, aerospace, research and beyond.

By Natasha Shek