New AFG is packed with innovation

26-10-2018 | Tektronix | Subs & Systems

Tektronix has redefined the arbitrary/function generator (AFG) with their new AFG31000 series. A new design, the device features many key firsts including what is claimed to be the industry’s largest touchscreen and new user interface that will please engineers and researchers who need to generate ever more complex test cases for troubleshooting, debugging, characterising and validating devices under test.

Notwithstanding their importance in electronics test and broad adoption, AFGs have lagged behind other test instrumentation regarding usability, making do with smaller displays and other weaknesses that make them hard to learn and operate. Furthermore, traditional AFGs lack the deep memory and programming capability required to compose a series of test cases with complex timing – critical for optimum test efficiency. By meeting these issues, the device serves as the first of the next generation of AFGs with characteristics and abilities not available elsewhere in the market today.

“A major point of emphasis for us is to put tools in the hands of our customers that make their lives easier so they, in turn, can bring innovative new products to market faster and more efficiently. With an interface defined last decade, AFGs have actually started to become an obstacle to productivity,” said Lori Kieklak, Vice President and General Manager, Keithley Product Line at Tektronix. “To turn that around, we looked at the AFG with fresh eyes and are already hearing from customers about how much easier and faster they can create the test stimulus they need using the AFG31000 series.”

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