Small low jitter I2C-programmable crystal oscillators

28-09-2020 | Silicon Laboratories Inc | Passives

Silicon Labs has a new family of small form-factor, high-performance XOs and VCXOs for applications that need low jitter and frequency-flexible clock synthesis.

The Si54x/6x Ultra Series XO/VCXOs produce jitter performance as low as 80fs for integer and fractional frequencies over the entire operating range, delivering outstanding jitter margin for demanding applications comprising data centre interconnect, optical transport, broadcast video and test/measurement. These new products are offered with single, dual, quad and I2C-programmable frequency options in an industry-standard 2.5mm x 3.2mm package footprint, making them excellent for space-constrained designs that need a mix of various frequencies.

The devices are an excellent solution for 400/600/800G coherent optics and 56G/112G SerDes clocking in optical modules and line cards that demand high performance in a small footprint. The devices guarantee ±20ppm operation over a 20-year operating life, making them excellent for long-life cycle applications. All power supply filtering is incorporated inside the device, removing discrete components that frequently consume as much PCB footprint as the XO itself. The company's devices are drop-in compatible with conventional oscillators.

“Data centre operators and telco networks are deploying lower-cost, smaller form factor optical modules for line-side and client-side applications, driving the need for space-optimized high-performance timing solutions,” said James Wilson, general manager of timing at Silicon Labs. “Unlike traditional solutions, which may require multiple oscillators to generate all required frequencies, the Si54x/Si56x is a single, unified solution that truly delivers any-rate performance in the industry’s smallest footprint.”

By Natasha Shek