Expanded IoT wireless portfolio simplifies LPWAN deployment for smart cities

15-04-2021 | Silicon Laboratories Inc | Subs & Systems

Silicon Labs offers its new standards-driven Wi-SUN technology, opening the door to new IoT market opportunities and expediting smart city application development. The company’s certified Wi-SUN solution consolidates the industry-leading EFR32 hardware platform, full-featured IPv6 mesh stack, and advanced development tools to facilitate secure wireless connectivity for a wide range of applications, from AMI to street lighting networks, asset management and smart city sensors, including parking, air quality and waste management.

“As the leader in IoT wireless connectivity, Wi-SUN is the perfect addition to our portfolio,” said Matt Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of IoT Products. “Wi-SUN is a comprehensive solution optimised for large scale, long-range LPWAN networks. Our Wi-SUN technology enables a non-proprietary approach to industrial and smart city applications, making deployments more scalable, resilient and safer.”

“The Wi-SUN Alliance’s mission is to bring Smart Ubiquitous Networks to service providers, utilities, municipalities and other smart city enterprises,” said Phil Beecher, president and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance. “It is gratifying to see Silicon Labs and other alliance member companies innovating new solutions on the Wi-SUN FAN specification, which defines everything needed to build secure, reliable, and resilient networks for large scale outdoor smart city applications."

By Natasha Shek