Integrated security technology redefines IoT device security

09-03-2020 | Silicon Laboratories Inc | Design & Manufacture

Silicon Labs has released Secure Vault technology, a new suite of state-of-the-art security features intended to assist connected device manufacturers to meet escalating IoT security threats and regulatory pressures. The company’s Wireless Gecko Series 2 platform takes advantage of Secure Vault by joining best-in-class security software features with PUF hardware technology to considerably reduce the risk of IoT security breaches and compromised intellectual property.

“The security landscape is changing rapidly, and IoT developers face increasing pressure to step up device security and meet evolving regulatory requirements,” said Matt Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of IoT product at Silicon Labs. “Secure Vault simplifies development, accelerates time-to-market and helps device makers future-proof products by taking advantage of the most advanced integrated hardware and software security protection available today for IoT wireless SoCs.”

“Embedded security is a key requirement for IoT products, and software updates alone cannot address all vulnerabilities present in insecure hardware,” said Tanner Johnson, senior cybersecurity analyst at Omdia. “As a result, hardware components can comprise the front line of defence for device security, especially with new legislation targeting IoT product security.”

By Natasha Shek