New fuse holder has increased power ratings and fulfils forthcoming IEC standard

SCHURTER has released its new FXP fuse holder with increased power ratings. The closed fuse holder solves a longstanding industry challenge involving power dissipation limitations

Passives | 15-06-2023

Optical bonding of displays is a mature method for HMI display optimisation

Optical bonding has proved itself in industry and medicine and is a technically mature method of HMI display optimisation. Employing various bonding technologies, cover glasses wit

Industrial | 25-05-2023

Power entry modules has added ingress protection when connected

SCHURTER offers a product design update to its power entry modules, series DG11 and DG12 with mains filter. The updated product design builds upon the success of the 6080-appliance

Industrial | 17-05-2023

Through-hole technology for the reflow ovens

In this informative article, Schurter delves into the dilemmas between through-hole and surface-mount technology and the history of solutions. Electrical and electronic components

Passives | 26-04-2023

Powerful and compact SMD fuse for high current SELV applications

Schurter has launched its new UHS, a compact fast acting SMT fuse developed to interrupt high-energy overcurrent in the SELV range safely. The new UHS is offered in six current rat

Passives | 21-04-2023

Circuit protection for avionics and other extreme applications

Schurter has released the FRM-A panel mount fuse holder with DRM-A SMT fuse: a small, light, and robust circuit protection solution developed for avionics applications. The extreme

Passives | 17-04-2023

IEC appliance outlets with up to four light pipes

Schurter's 6610-5 and 4710-5 IEC appliance outlets, Type F and J, are the optimal solution for data centre PDUs, where status indication and packing density are crucial. Their comp

Power | 04-04-2023

Ultra-compact IEC appliance inlet with line filter saves valuable interior space

Schurter has launched its 5121 filtered appliance inlet. The new, compact filter series provides an IEC C14 inlet with capacitors and a completely enclosed steel housing that relia

Passives | 17-03-2023

Comprehensive fuse selection guide assists engineers in finding the correct fuse

Protecting circuits from overcurrent is crucial to avoid equipment damage. Choosing the right fuse saves on costs of repairs and replacements, improves equipment reliability and, u

Passives | 02-03-2023

High-performance SMD fuses receive PSE-JET approval

SCHURTER product family types UMZ 250, UMF 250, UMK 250, according to IEC 60127-4 have obtained the Japanese PSE-Jet approval. The newly marked packaging will be rolled out the fir

Passives | 01-02-2023

Single-phase block filter with added ground choke

Schurter's FMAB NEO single-phase filter series is now supplied with enhanced asymmetrical attenuation performance in higher frequencies, accomplished by adding a ground line choke

Industrial | 09-01-2023

PCAP touch panels for extreme outdoor applications

With many years of experience in developing and producing PCAP touch panels, SCHURTER Electronics Ltd offers high-quality, customer-specific input systems for every application. It

Industrial | 06-12-2022

New three-phase filters meet IEC 60204-1 for machine applications

SCHURTER’s new three-phase filters series FMBC EP and FMBD EP meet IEC 60204-1 for machine applications. The filters are suitable for three-phase or three-phase-with-neutral conduc

Power | 01-12-2022

Non-illuminated switch features a coloured ring indication

Schurter has extended its Metal Design Line series MSM to incorporate a version with a non-illuminated indicator. A coloured ring is employed instead of an illuminated ring, which

Industrial | 21-10-2022