Customised wire harness solutions and white paper

22-11-2023 | Schurter | Industrial

Schurter has announced its wire harness solutions with ready-to-connect cables, cable bundles and complete wire harnesses with connectors, contacts, or wire-end sleeves. Wire harnessing needs particular electrical engineering know-how to ensure end-to-end product installation and performance quality. Its widespread supply of components and wire harness options, together with its in-house expertise, satisfies its customers' technical, safe, and economic requirements, all in a one-stop shop.

 Save time and costs in tooling and set-up and take advantage of the company's custom wire harness capabilities. In a <a href= target="_blank"><strong>white paper</strong></a>, the company experts explain a very accurate overview of all the steps to create the perfect wire harness solution.

By Seb Springall