Appliance connectors set new benchmark in reducing CO2 footprint

03-08-2023 | Schurter | Power

Schurter continues its sustainability initiatives by presenting its new Green Line collection of high-quality components. As part of its sustainable strategy, these IEC 60320-1 appliance connectors are the industry's first to contribute to less CO2 emissions and lower material consumption. They are also the first in this range of products to be introduced in the ensuing months and coming years.

Plant-based raw materials have a CO2-neutral footprint over the entire life cycle, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Therefore, bio-based plastics contribute to CO₂ reduction of up to 68% compared to fossil plastics. Also, bio-based plastics often have a lower density than fossil plastics, resulting in lower material consumption.

The Green Line is one part of the company's sustainable strategy and is covered in the focus category "Products and Materials", which is among other focus topics such as "Employees and Leadership", "Production and Infrastructure", and "Partners and Supply Chain". Key necessities for developing the product range include maintaining CO2 Neutral raw material over the whole life cycle with end-of-life recyclability. The raw material selected must not compete with food production, and new material must have equal or better technical characteristics. Ultimately, the resulting CO2 savings must be substantial. The company has set its standards high with its commitment to lower its carbon footprint by 50% by 2035.

The product series 6100-3, 6100-4, 6102-3, 6102-5, 6600-3, and 6600-4 IEC 60320-1 appliance connectors are already available on the market and now also offered with bio-based plastics. The new bio-based collection of inlets and outlets are rated up to 10A at 250VAC and 50Hz according to IEC and CCC and up to 15A at 250VAC and 60Hz according to UL.


By Seb Springall

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