New generation of modular, compact and reliable active harmonic filters

07-05-2019 | Schaffner EMV AG | Test & Measurement

Schaffner has extended its product offering for harmonics mitigation solutions by releasing the sync module for ecosine active sync series, employing state of the art technology to reliably alleviate excessive harmonics with an evolutionary smart modular product concept with advanced control options. The SYNC300A sync module provides scalability of mitigation current, the flexibility of installation, and the filter’s ability, smart load management and efficiency, reliability, redundancy and connectivity.

The optional SYNC300A sync module completes the series FN 3530/31/40/41, FN 3532/42 and FN 3545 by combining several smart features. Based on the same modular compact concept, the device provides versatility for open or closed loop current control. Despite whether the current transducers are fitted on grid or load side; with the sync module, there is only one CT connection point to the filter’s system.

The sync module promotes the scalability and extensibility of the filter system. The device can connect and manage up to five FN 3530 (three-wire) or FN 3540 (four-wire) power modules, creating a system filter up to 300A. Also, by connecting four sync modules together, a mitigation current of up to 1200A can be readily reached as one active harmonic filter system with one CT connection point.

Smart control of the sync module and the modular concept of the ecosine active sync family enables redundancy, guaranteeing continuity of operation and reducing shutdown time for customer applications. Communication options incorporate PLC or Ethernet TCP/IP.

With the modular concept of ecosine active sync filters and the smart digital control of the new sync module, the company provides a unique market leading flexibility, which assures the best-tailored solutions for customer and optimal fit for demanding applications and networks.

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