Low leakage current EMI filter optimised for machine tool and machinery equipment

10-06-2019 | Schaffner EMV AG | Power

Schaffner has introduced their new FN 3287 and FN 3288 series designed for power drive systems motor drives, and many other power converter applications. These innovative filters are optimised to best serve the demands of machine tool and machinery equipment.

EMC filter solutions for three-phase applications are key elements that add significantly to compliance with the EMC directive and enhance the customer’s system reliability and stability. The new series has been increased with low leakage current versions. System designers now have the option of an EMI filter with leakage currents from 12mA to 0.1mA. This next generation product has optimised packaging, which is based on the newest component and design technology.

By defining appropriately sized EMC filters through the start of the design-in phase, the design of machines and installations can be optimised to satisfy the needed EMC from the outset. Also, considering EMI demands at an early stage of system design saves resources, time and costs. These latest EMI filters are based on a new design architecture resulting in a notable footprint reduction and enabling the addition of the connection terminals within the filter cubical.

With the new product series, the company can now offer very compact and flexible solutions from 10A to 160A to achieve standard, or high demanding attenuation performance needs as well as low leakage current fulfilment.

The FN 3287 (480VAC) and FN 3288 (480VAC or 690VAC) series are offered with 11 current ratings from 10A to 160A, and special versions of low leakage currents can allow dedicated solutions with RCDs. The FN 3288 series also includes a suitable version for 480VAC or 690VAC IT network applications.

All models are CE, UL and ENEC approved and RoHS compliant.

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