New high-performance IEC C14 power entry module with fuse holder or switch now available

15-07-2019 | Schaffner EMV AG | Subs & Systems

Schaffner Group now offers a new series of RFI filters highlighting an IEC C14 PEM (power entry module) with integrated fuse holder or switch.

The high-performance filter series FN 9262 (with fuse holder) and FN 9266 (with dual pole switch), have been produced for applications necessitating high RFI attenuation performance. They serve as an enhanced version of the market-proven FN 9260 and FN 9264 filter families. One of the principal applications for this filter is the medical market, and the filter provides additional approvals making it simpler for the end users to implement into their designs. FN 9262 B and FN 9266 B (B-types) filters satisfy the insulation demands according to IEC 60601-1 1MOPP (1 means of patient protection).

Both filter series better the existing filters FN 9260 and FN 9264 over the complete frequency range. This improved performance lies in two key components: the advanced core material (common mode performance) and the increased X-capacitor values (differential mode performance).

The housing dimensions are equal to the existing series making an exchange between the filters easy. Also, the PEMs are mechanically compatible with virtually all similar style products in the market and the same as the FN 9260 and FN 9264.

With the new variant diversity this filter family provides a solution for medical devices, and modern appliances for household, audio and video. They can also be used in other applications with similar demands.

The filters have all the needed safety approvals (UL 60939-3, CSA C22.2 No. 8, IEC 60939-3 and CQC), they carry a CE mark and are compatible with the RoHS II (2015/863) directive.

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