Smallest photocouplers for industrial automation and solar inverter applications

16-12-2019 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched five new 8.2mm creepage photocouplers that are claimed to be the world’s smallest isolation devices for industrial automation equipment and solar inverters. With a package width of only 2.5mm, the RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA photocouplers decrease PCB mounting area by 35% compared to competitive couplers. They assist designers to shrink equipment size, improve robot axes, and increase factory floor productivity. They also satisfy the demands of the zero-energy house that needs smaller solar equipment for more installations in limited space. The photocouplers are ideal for DC-AC power inverters, AC servo motors, PLCs, solar inverters, robotic arms, and battery storage and charging systems.

The RV1S9260A 15Mbps communications coupler and RV1S9213A IPM driver are the first photocouplers to use tiny LSSO5 packages with a 0.65mm pin pitch, half the pitch of conventional packages. With a package height of 2.1mm, the photocouplers can be directly mounted on the backside of a PCB, delivering valuable space for topside mounted components. Three times infrared reflow soldering gives maximum flexibility. Thephotocouplers’ electric isolation and high CMR noise rejection (50kV/µs) protects low voltage microcontrollers and I/O devices from high voltage circuits when transferring high-speed signals.

The RV1S2281A and RV1S2211A are DC input and low DC input, transistor output photocouplers, and the RV1S2285A is an AC input, transistor output coupler. The RV1S22xxA devices also offer 8.2mm creepage distance, 2.5mm package width and 2.1mm package height. They are supplied in LSSOP packages with a 1.3mm pin pitch. All five photocouplers offer 5000Vrms reinforced isolation and high-temperature operation to endure harsh operating environments. The RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA photocouplers support 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to satisfy industrial safety standards. All five devices adhere to the strict UL61800-5-1 standard for motor drive equipment, and the UL61010-2-201 standard for control devices such as PLCs.

“The RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA photocouplers give designers a variety of functions and the layout flexibility to significantly reduce equipment size and maximise factory floorspace,” said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division at Renesas. “Our isolation devices also meet the stringent safety requirements of the UL61800-5-1 and UL61010-2-201 standards, enabling manufacturers to design a new generation of high voltage systems for their smart factories.”

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