Signal conditioner IC for Industry 4.0, medical and IoT sensor applications

18-05-2020 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics has released the ZSSC3240 sensor signal conditioner – the newest member of its leading-edge SSC portfolio. The device offers high accuracy, sensitivity, and flexibility for sensor applications, including resistive pressure sensors and medical infrared thermometers. This new SSC provides best-in-class performance and speed with up to 24-bits ADC resolution.

With a flexible sensor front end and an extensive range of output interfaces, the device can be employed for nearly all types of resistive and absolute voltage sensor elements, allowing customers to produce complete sensing platforms from a single SSC device. This combination, as well as its small size, makes the device excellent for employment with a broad variety of sensor-based devices for the consumer, industrial, and medical markets, incorporating industrial pressure transmitters, HVAC sensors, weight scales, smart meters, factory automation devices, and continuous smart health monitors.

“With the ZSSC3240 SSC, we’ve combined best-in-class technology, know-how and leading-edge IP to provide a performance-leading, all-in-one solution that allows product designers to easily build complete sensing platforms based on a single device,” said Uwe Guenther, senior director of Sensing Solutions, Emerging Market Business Division at Renesas. “Customers can leverage the SSC’s leading performance, its small size, and especially its flexible configuration to realise the next generation of smart sensor-based devices for smart factories, smart buildings, smart energy, and smart healthcare.”

By Natasha Shek