Simplified power supply design for automotive surround view camera systems

13-01-2020 | Renesas | Automotive Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the ISL78083, a highly integrated PMIC that simplifies power supply design for employment in multiple HD camera modules, decreasing development cycles, BOM cost and supply chain risks. The automotive camera PMIC takes direct-from-battery (36-42V) or power-over-coax (15-18V) supply sources and supports output currents up to 750mA per output. This power level provides ample headroom for existing image sensors up to 7MP and future sensors with even greater resolution.

“The innovative ISL78083 PMIC expands Renesas’ support for automotive surround-view camera systems beyond the image processing capabilities of the R-Car SoC and into the design of the HD satellite cameras,” said Niall Lyne, senior director, Automotive Business Unit at Renesas. “Cameras designed with the ISL78083 are smaller and can be conveniently mounted in-vehicle locations that provide the desired surround-view camera angles without negatively impacting style or aerodynamics.”

The feature-rich four-channel automotive camera PMIC comprises a primary high-voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary low-voltage synchronous buck regulators, and a LDO voltage regulator. With integrated feedback and integrated compensation, all that is left to complete the high-efficiency power supply is the output inductor and capacitors. The device reduces BOM cost, requiring 7-10 less external components in comparison to competing solutions. The device also provides four overvoltage and four undervoltage monitors, three power-good indicators and a reset output/fault indicator. A second reference is supplied for the OV/UV monitors.

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