New LDO regulator solution for satellite power applications

05-02-2020 | Renesas | Power

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released what is claimed to be the industry’s first single-chip synchronous buck and LDO regulator aimed at low-power FPGAs, DDR memory and other digital loads for spaceflight payload applications. The ISL70005SEH is the only POL power solution that decreases SWaP by integrating a synch buck and LDO in one monolithic IC. The device allows satellite manufacturers to decrease BOM and power supply footprint for their medium Earth orbit and geosynchronous Earth orbit long-duration mission profiles.

The regulator combines 95% high efficiency with the synch buck regulator and a low 75mV dropout on the LDO regulator. The device facilitates easier thermal management for systems with 3.3V or 5V power buses and is able to support 3A continuous output load current for the buck regulator and ±1A for the LDO. The buck regulator employs a voltage mode control architecture and switches at a resistor-adjustable frequency of 100kHz to 1MHz, allowing a smaller filter size.

“The ISL70005SEH gives satellite manufacturers the superior radiation performance, and SWaP and BOM savings they want,” said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Our dual output POL regulator also provides the configurability to address multiple applications in commercial telecommunication satellites, defence satcom satellites, and science and exploration missions.”

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