New devices for tablets, smartphones, laptops and other USB-C applications

26-07-2018 | ON Semiconductor | Power

ON Semiconductor has two new products that can be used together in USB-C applications while providing benefits in other modern power-oriented applications. The new devices are the FSA4480, a USB Type-C analog audio switch which has integrated protection, and the NCS21x series of current sense amplifiers. The FSA4480 is a high-performance USB Type-C port multimedia switch that provides analog audio headsets allowing a common USB Type-C port to pass USB2.0 signals, analog audio and analog microphone signals. The device, which supports an audio sense path, is a fully integrated and optimised solution that eases design-in and minimises overall solution footprint. It includes integrated high voltage protection up to 20VDC and offers pinout support for both OMTP and CTIA - sometimes known as American Headset Jack – smartphone headset standards. There is OVP on the common node pins, and the unplugging of any audio device is automatically detected. “Our new multimedia switch and current sense amplifiers play an important role in managing the USB Type-C interface in modern mobile devices,” said Wiren Perera, who heads IoT at ON Semiconductor. “The highly-integrated designs, low-power operation and small size mean they are ideal for tablets and smartphones where space is limited, and power budgets are important. Furthermore, the current sense amplifiers can be instrumental in controlling power in larger applications including white goods and electric vehicles.”

By Craig Dyball