Expanded Bluetooth 5 radio family with SiP module for easier development

14-09-2018 | ON Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ON Semiconductor has extended its RSL10 family of Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoCs with a ready-to-use 6mm x 8mm x1.46mm SiP module. Supporting BLE wireless profiles, the devices can be simply designed into any ‘connected’ application which includes sports/fitness or mHealth wearables, smart locks and appliances. The SIP has a built-in antenna, radio, and all needed passive components in a complete, miniature solution. Certified with the Bluetooth SIG, the SIP reduces time-to-market and development costs by eliminating the need for any additional RF design considerations. “With its best-in-class power consumption, it’s not surprising that RSL10 has already been selected for use in a number of applications including energy harvesting and industrial IoT,” said Michel De Mey, senior director and general manager of Hearing, Consumer Health, and Bluetooth Connectivity solutions at ON Semiconductor. “By adding a new System-in-Package that significantly reduces design efforts, costs and time-to-market, the possibilities for RSL10 are endless.”

By Craig Dyball