New development support for industry-leading Bluetooth 5 radio family

06-11-2018 | ON Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ON Semiconductor has increased the capabilities of its RSL10 family of Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoCs with support for the Bluetooth SIG mesh networking standard. Also, the company has introduced a new PC software application with the USB dongle. Alongside the recently-announced SIP, the further software and design support tools ease development and allow support for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Standardised Bluetooth mesh networking is now supported with the company's Mesh release, allowing many-to-many device communications. Device producers can now deploy large-scale, low-power Bluetooth mesh networks for applications including smart home, building automation and asset tracking. “Since its release from the Bluetooth SIG, mesh networking has revolutionised IoT by enabling large-scale networks,” said Michel De Mey, senior director and general manager of Hearing, Consumer Health, and Bluetooth Connectivity solutions at ON Semiconductor. By adding this support, alongside the best-in-class power consumption of RSL10, we will better enable IoT edge node applications that can benefit from the ubiquity and ease-of-use of Bluetooth Low Energy.”

By Electropages Admin