Omni Pro Electronics

New screwless terminal blocks offer tool-free installation

Omni Pro Electronics has released the EBY Electro new EB4862 series of easy-wiring 'screwless' terminal blocks. These modular push-button terminal blocks are ergonomically designed

Industrial | 30-06-2023

Versatile monolithic programmable delay lines for timing-critical applications

Omni Pro Electronics has released the new 4- and 8-Bit Monolithic Programmable Delay Lines from Data Delay Devices. These digitally programmable lines are employed in medical imagi

Semiconductors | 21-03-2023

New capacitive touch anti-vandal pushbuttons available in four sizes

Omni Pro Electronics offers the new TH Series of Switches from CIT Relay and Switch. The TH Capacitive Touch Anti-Vandal switch is supplied in 16mm, 19mm, 22mm or 25mm and offers 3

Industrial | 24-01-2023

New series features five models of ultra-compact DC power supplies

Omni Pro Electronics now offers the Altech Ultra-Compact PSC family of power supplies. The series offers five models varying from 75W to 480W of available power, with some of the h

Power | 02-12-2022

New phone jack series offers full- or half-threaded options

Omni Pro Electronics now offers Io Audio Technologies’ new Tiny Jack (TJ) series of horizontal PCB 1/4" phone jacks. The series is offered with full or half-threaded nose options t

Industrial | 11-11-2022

Ethernet transformers offer standard and extended temperature versions

Omni Pro Electronics now offers HALO Electronics' new line of 2.5G and 5G Ethernet transformers to satisfy the growing data rates of enterprise networking equipment and the higher

Power | 24-10-2022

New high-CV hybrid SMT aluminium electrolytic capacitors with low ESR

Omni Pro Electronics now offer NIC Components' NSPE-HC series of AEC-Q200 automotive-grade surface mount aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Offering high capacitance per case size,

Passives | 26-09-2022

New all-in-one UPS power solution can be used for multiple purposes

Omni Pro Electronics now offers Altech Corporation’s new CBI Series of UPS systems. The series combines the demands for several applications in just one device that can be employed

Power | 08-06-2022

Expanded small-cell 3V higher-energy ultracapacitors available now

Onmi Pro Electronics has added the Tecate Group’s new 3V TPLH series of small-cell ultracapacitors to its extensive TPL and TPLH 2.7V small-cell ultracapacitor portfolio. The serie

Passives | 20-05-2022

Capacitor series supports power application needs to 100VDC

Omni Pro Electronics has revealed NIC Component’s release of the new NAZR Series of surface mount High-CV Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. These capacitors offer an extended 5000

Passives | 06-05-2022

Ultra-high-speed cable/connector assembly offers up to 48GBPS

Omni Pro Electronics offers the Adam Tech Ultra-High-Speed HDMI 2.1 Connector/Cable Assembly. The new release delivers uncompressed 8K video with HDR and support bandwidth speeds u

Subs & Systems | 15-03-2022