New all-in-one UPS power solution can be used for multiple purposes

08-06-2022 | Omni Pro Electronics | Power

Omni Pro Electronics now offers Altech Corporation’s new CBI Series of UPS systems. The series combines the demands for several applications in just one device that can be employed as a power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module or backup module. The device is compatible with various standard battery types and has real-time diagnostics to continuously monitor battery status, changing levels and potential emerging faults. The device is compatible with multiple common battery types and has real-time diagnostics to constantly monitor battery status, changing levels and potential emerging faults.

The device stops the battery from a deep discharge. If the device is disconnected from the main power source, the battery will supply the load until the battery voltage reaches 1.5V per cell. The devices also offer microprocessor-controlled battery charging. Using algorithms, the battery’s condition will be detected and based on that result, a suitable charging mode is chosen. The real-time diagnostics system will constantly monitor the charging progress and indicate possibly occurring faults such as elements in short circuits, accidental reverse polarity connection, or battery disconnection by the battery fault LED and a flashing code of the diagnosis LED.

The solution is ideal for open/sealed lead acid, lead gel and optionally Ni-Cd batteries. Utilising the battery-select jumper makes it possible to set predefined charging curves for those battery types. The available charging options are recovery, boost and trickle charge. All these devices are delivered in a rugged metal case with a DIN rail mounting bracket. Operating at single-phase Input Voltages of 115-230-277VAC, the devices supply an output of 12VDC up to 35A or 24VDC up to 20A.

Typical application areas include Textile Industry, Moulding Machines, Assembly and Production Equipment, Switchgear Assembly, Steel Production, Machinery Automation, Pressing Machines, Drilling Systems, Acoustic Evacuations, E-Car, Off-Highway Equipment/Machinery, Fire Protection Systems, Industrial Water Pumping, Power Supply Continuity, Security Vision Control, Telecommunications, and Wireless Control.

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