Ethernet transformers offer standard and extended temperature versions

24-10-2022 | Omni Pro Electronics | Power

Omni Pro Electronics now offers HALO Electronics' new line of 2.5G and 5G Ethernet transformers to satisfy the growing data rates of enterprise networking equipment and the higher bandwidth demands of wireless access points. The 2.5G/5G data rates are a crucial intermediary step between the 1G and 10G data rates, providing increased data transfer over 1G employing existing cable installs and lower power consumption per port than 10G.

The transformers are offered in two packages. The NZ and NZ5 industry-standard packages are provided in standard temperature and extended temperature versions with PoE, PoE+, and 4PPoE (+90W) capabilities. These 2.5G and 5G discrete Ethernet transformers are intended to fulfil or surpass the IEEE802.3bz standard. Further terms employed for 2.5G/5G data rates include Multi-Gig, NBASE-T, and MGBASE-T. HALO's 2.5G and 5G transformers support three-speed, four-speed, and five-speed backward compatibility with slower data rates.

This surface-mount series is footprint interchangeable with other HALO Gigabit and 10G transformers. Further to the NZ/NZ5 package, the company has announced the Nano2.5G series of miniature transformers. The Nano2.5G parts are offered in PoE, PoE+, and 4PPoE (60W) options.

By Seb Springall