Essential analog temperature sensor ICs deliver precision measurement

08-09-2020 | Maxim | Test & Measurement

Two new industry-leading Essential Analog ICs have been released by Maxim Integrated Products. The MAX31889 digital temperature sensor highlights an unmatched blend of accuracy and power consumption, substituting expensive RTDs in precise temperature-sensitive applications. The MAX31825 digital temperature sensor facilitates up to 64 devices per bus, all parasitically powered by the 1-Wire bus, to dramatically lessen wiring complexity.

The MAX31889 assures the industry’s highest accuracy at the lowest power consumption, giving robust protection of customer assets. Producing precision measurement of ±0.25C accuracy over a broad temperature range, the device measures cold-chain pharma product temperatures at a fraction of the cost of RTDs and a claimed 35% power reduction when compared to competitive solutions. The device comes in a six-pin µDFN package.

The MAX31825 decreases design and wiring complexity by allowing up to 64 devices, each connected to the same parasitically powered 1-Wire bus, with the precision of ±1C accuracy. Each device holds a unique code which can be optionally programmed with a location address, simplifying system design. The 1-Wire versatility increases system robustness by producing a claimed 8x reduction in required wiring compared to competitive two or three-wire solutions. The solution, which comes in a six-bump WLP, also supports longer battery life and increases operational uptime with a low standby current of 2.5µA, perfect for consumer devices and factory automation.

“These Essential Analog products by Maxim Integrated enable manufacturers to make their operations and supply chains more reliable, helping to ensure quality to their customers and savings to their bottom line,” said Colin Bamden, principal analyst, Semicast Research.

“These temperature sensor ICs epitomise the values of precision measurement and robust protection from Maxim Integrated’s Essential Analog portfolio. Our customers can measure temperature with precision, and thereby protect their assets from potential damage by heat or cold,” said David Andeen, executive director for the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated.

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