Secure authenticator for genuine parts enhances vehicle safety and security

15-01-2021 | Maxim | Automotive & Transport

The newest addition to Maxim Integrated’s line of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 solutions for automotive systems, the DS28E40 is a parasitically-powered authenticator utilising its 1-Wire interface for simple connectivity. This authenticator IC decreases the software vulnerability to assure only genuine components are employed for many electronic systems, such as ADAS and electric vehicle batteries.

The DS28E40 DeepCover authenticator is a fixed-function, 1-Wire solution that meets the AEC-Q100 standard Grade 1 performance standards and supersedes microcontroller-based approaches. The fixed-function device provides OEMs a targeted algorithm and command toolset to satisfy their specific security demands while decreasing both system design complexity and associated code development efforts. Its public/private key asymmetric ECDSA (ECC-P256 curve) and other key authentication algorithms are combined into the IC, enabling OEMs to skip the development of proprietary device-level code. This and other algorithms in the authenticator IC offer the strongest defence against unauthorised components that might compromise performance, safety and data integrity.

“The parasitically powered 1-Wire authenticator really opens up automotive endpoints that can be secured and properly authenticated by adding just one chip,” said Michael Haight, director, Embedded Security at Maxim Integrated. “With the ground plus single contact for power and communication, even a passive automotive component that doesn’t otherwise have electronics could be connected to an engine control unit (ECU) and authenticated.”

By Natasha Shek