Automotive buck-boost controller slashes design size by up to 40%

16-10-2020 | Maxim | Automotive Technologies

Designers of automotive chargers can now have what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest and lowest-cost solution with the MAX25430 100W USB PD buck-boost controller and protector from Maxim Integrated Products. The device can decrease design size up to 40% compared to competitive solutions and provide the industry’s lowest cost for increasing the amount of USB PD ports in vehicles.

The device incorporates a USB Type C Port Controller power regulator, VCONN cable power supply, buck-boost and protection thereby removing heat-sink needs and metal box enclosures to further slash design size by 40% when compared to competitive multi-IC solutions. Also, BOM costs are lowered by 25% compared to competitive solutions. The device runs 20C cooler at full power compared to competitive automotive USB PD solutions. It requires only one MCU regardless of the number of ports, while competitors need further MCUs per port.

For a complete solution, the company also provides the MAX25410 automotive USB PD port protector and the MAX25431 automotive 40V H-bridge buck-boost controller, satisfying a wide array of USB charger design demands.

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