Analog efficient power ICs offer low quiescent current to extend battery life

18-03-2021 | Maxim | Semiconductors

Designers are now able to extend battery life and decrease the solution size of consumer, industrial, healthcare and IoT systems with three new Essential Analog ICs from Maxim Integrated Products. The MAX17227A 2A nanoPower boost converter, the MAX17291 high voltage, 1A boost converter and the MAX38911 500mA LDO all offer what is claimed to be the lowest quiescent current among competitive solutions to enhance system efficiency and boost battery life.

Next-generation systems must produce higher currents from small batteries to support advanced applications such as sensing, machine learning, drug delivery and AI. Device limitations force developers into tradeoffs that constrain functionality, shorten battery life or increase solution size. Three new ICs from the company’s Essential Analog portfolio help alleviate these tradeoffs with industry-leading lowest quiescent current and smallest solution size.

“The three new Efficient Power ICs from Maxim’s Essential Analog portfolio offer designers a path to simultaneously improve efficiency and reduce solution size,” said Vickram Vathulya, vice president, Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated. “For industrial, consumer and healthcare operations, Maxim sets the bar for extending battery life by offering the lowest quiescent power in each category.”

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