Automotive window voltage monitor with built-in self-test for ADAS

17-06-2021 | Maxim | Automotive & Transport

Designers working to deliver automotive functional safety in ADAS can now decrease solution size and complexity with the MAX16137 single-window voltage monitor with BIST from Maxim Integrated Products. This window monitor IC gives robust protection by tracking both undervoltage and overvoltage levels with 1% accuracy, enabling designers to speed system-wide functional safety by offering advanced diagnostics and reset capabilities. The device also cuts solution size in half and helps lessen design complexity.

The device BIST feature checks the supervisor functionality with no necessity for external circuitry, reducing design complexity. The device also reduces solution size by 50% compared to the closest competitive solution. The supervisory IC can be designed into a mixture of automotive systems such as infotainment, power, body electronics, electric vehicle power powertrain and IoT systems.

“Many automotive engineers are building autonomous driving systems where safety is paramount. They have requested higher accuracy supervisory circuits with programmable voltage thresholds, and tolerance and built-in self-test, all to make their systems more robust,” said Binay Bajaj, director of business management for the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated. “We are helping engineers accelerate functional safety and the MAX16137 is the industry’s only supervisory IC with BIST to help engineers meet their goals.”

By Natasha Shek