New series of UPS systems provide the highest versatility of use

13-04-2022 | Luso | Power

AEG Power Solutions releases the new generation of its 10kVA to 20kVA transformer-less UPS series with the introduction of Protect 1 LCD, the enhanced generation of its Protect 1 former series. This series is available now from Luso Electronic Products Ltd.

With no compromise to reliability, the system provides the highest versatility of usage in its category, thanks to its unique flexibility of phase configuration. The UPS is settable at 3/3, 3/1 or 1/1 input/output phases with no extra device. Up to three units may be connected in parallel, offering scalability and extra redundancy.

Highly flexible, it combines high-efficiency values at a compact footprint. The system is a double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111). Due to its full IGBT technology, it provides low input THDi with almost unity input power factor. The system AC/AC efficiency is up to 96%, and when functioning in Eco Mode, up to 98%. Thanks to its compactness, Protect 1 LCD offers a minimised overall cost of ownership by optimising energy conversion and saving valuable floor space for operations.

The battery solution supports flexible autonomy time and its easy extension. The integrated battery provides 4-7 minutes of autonomy, and up to six external battery packs can be connected in parallel. The high charging current of up to 13A decreases the recharging time even for long autonomy times.

The system is a robust power supply solution for small and medium-sized critical applications when the power consumption, footprint reliability and flexibility of use are essential. It is a perfect backup solution for applications from IT and manufacturing to retail and transportation, even when environmental conditions are challenging. The system operates at up to 40C without derating and can tolerate up to 50C (with power derating).

While providing local administration through a 4.3″ colour touch screen and multilingual display with status LEDs, it also offers a wide range of connectivity options (dry contacts board, RPO and free slot for SNMP card) for remote management.

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