Systems offer secure power for healthcare applications

22-07-2022 | Luso | Power

Specific features on the Protect 8 series from AEG Power Solutions, available now from Luso Electronics, allow the system to satisfy the standards for power supplies in the healthcare environment, which are among the most stringent worldwide. The series are online systems, guaranteeing a constant double conversion operation, which is crucial to provide the highest level of reliability, as online topology filters out all faults from the public grid before it is supplied to the loads.

The range supplies high performance in compact dimensions, which can be important in medical facilities where space is sometimes limited. Protect 8 UPS systems are internally redundant and, to enhance safety, have separate processors and power packs for controlling rectifiers, inverters and electronic switching devices (SBS). AEG PS has developed the Flexible Multi-Master Technology to use n + 1 UPS devices in redundant parallel operation and ensure that the master functions of the power supply system are always available. Preserving the battery capacity at a sufficient level is also crucial.

The UPS system provides a specific option to match this need. The system can manage battery capacity utilising a regenerative power supply so that the stored energy is not wasted.

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