Reference design for low-cost mil spec filter allowing use of COTS DC-DC modules

16-11-2022 | Luso | Test & Measurement

P-Duke has released the reference design displaying how the new MCF Filter can be employed in conjunction with its COTS DC-DC converters and meet the mil standards MIL-STD-1275D and MIL-STD-461G. The reference design is available now from Luso Electronics.

With the addition of a few caps and MLCC, the filter, together with its HAE200W 1/2 brick DC-DC converter, can provide up to 240W of power in a compact, cost-effective design.

In the current climate, samples are available on the DC-DC and filter modules, with production lead times being more than a reasonable 20 weeks.

Data is available to download from the website and our power specialists are more than happy to discuss your requirements and support your design needs.


By Seb Springall

Seb Springall is a seasoned editor at Electropages, specialising in the product news sections. With a keen eye for the latest advancements in the tech industry, Seb curates and oversees content that highlights cutting-edge technologies and market trends.