Online thermoelectric modelling tool for PCR design engineers

05-11-2021 | Laird | Design & Manufacture

Laird Thermal Systems has launched an online simulation tool for PCR thermal cycling applications. Thermoelectric coolers produced for thermal cycling, such as the PowerCycling PCX Series, are utilised for Real-Time PCR to precisely temperature control DNA amplification to three temperature set points. Constructed with next-generation thermoelectric material, the series offers faster ramp rates and higher reliability than conventional thermoelectric coolers to notably extend field use of molecular diagnostic devices.

Choosing the best thermoelectric cooler for thermal cycling can be a hard process for any design engineer. To assist in product selection, the company has developed an advanced Thermal Wizard application tool for PCR. This is a web‐based simulation tool where design engineers may input known attributes such as geometry constraints, desired set point temperatures and thermal mass on the control side to estimate the needed heat pumping capacity required to deliver specific ramp rates.

“Selection of thermoelectric coolers can be quite difficult. The Thermal Wizard enables customers to calculate approximate heat load requirements and then simulate performance based on a user’s specified operating condition,” said Andrew Dereka, product director at Laird Thermal Systems. “The Thermal Wizard recommends a specific PCX thermoelectric cooler or an array of coolers that are capable of meeting the input application attributes specified by the user.”

By Natasha Shek