Quad-channel digital isolators family for industrial and automotive applications

Infineon Technologies AG introduces its ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators, emphasising a wider portfolio of isolation technologies. The ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators

Power | 16-11-2023

MCU portfolio extended with new PSoC Edge family of products

Infineon Technologies AG has announced a new family of MCUs in the PSoC portfolio of Arm Cortex-based high-performance, low-power, secured devices. PSoC Edge is intended for next-g

Semiconductors | 14-11-2023

Companies partner to advance automotive battery management solutions

Infineon Technologies AG and Eatron Technologies have partnered to bring advanced machine learning solutions and algorithms to the AURIX TC4x MCU. The partnership is aimed at advan

Power | 07-11-2023

Dual-band solution delivers secured Wi-Fi 6/6E performance for IoT applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its AIROC portfolio with the AIROC CYW5551x Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.4 solution. The adaptable family produces secured, reliable 1x1 Wi-Fi 6

Semiconductors | 01-11-2023

Cluster graphics MCU family delivers MPU-like performance at MCU cost

Infineon Technologies AG has released its new TRAVEO T2G Cluster family of automotive MCU with a new graphic engine. The engine provides a new smart rendering technology and outsta

Semiconductors | 27-10-2023

Partners develop advanced automotive battery management platform

Infineon Technologies AG's solutions help engineers develop dependable automotive BMS. Neutron Controls, the preferred design house for Infineon, has now revealed its ECU8 system p

Power | 23-10-2023

Cable assembly controller with EPR supports protection for passive USB-C cables

Infineon Technologies AG introduces EZ-PD CMG2, a USB-C Electronically-Marked Cable Assembly (eMarker) controller with enhanced features. The controller is created to deliver robus

Industrial | 11-10-2023

Tyre pressure sensor with intelligent features for pressure monitoring systems

Infineon Technologies AG has combined its automotive expertise with its patented glass-silicon-glass MEMS sensor for the automotive tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) market to

Semiconductors | 18-09-2023

IGBTs for energy-efficient power applications

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its seventh generation TRENCHSTOP IGBT family with the discrete 650V IGBT7 H7 variant. The devices offer a cutting-edge EC7 co-packed diode wi

Power | 04-09-2023

Companies unveil ready-to-integrate wireless charging module

Spark Connected and Infineon Technologies AG announced the market release of a 500W wireless charging solution named Yeti. The ready-to-integrate wireless charging module is aimed

Power | 30-08-2023

More computing power and less greenhouse gas on GAN-based notebook adapters

Infineon Technologies AG delivers high performance with smaller size and lower energy loss in power conversion using semiconductors based on GaN. Chicony Power Technology is expand

Power | 24-08-2023

New automotive MOSFETs for high-power ECUs

The electrification of the transportation system is progressing continuously. As well as passenger cars, two- and three-wheelers and light vehicles are increasingly being electrifi

Power | 16-08-2023

New MCU embedded power IC families provide faster communications

Infineon Technologies AG has released the TLE988x and TLE989x families extending its comprehensive portfolio of MOTIX MCU embedded power ICs. The company's SoC solutions deliver a

Power | 10-08-2023

PCBs minimise electronic waste and carbon footprint of demo and evaluation boards

Infineon Technologies AG is taking another important step towards a greener future by introducing Soluboard, a recyclable and biodegradable PCB substrate based on natural fibres an

Industrial | 07-08-2023