Mini-LED technology enhances display design

GTK's mini-LEDs are smaller versions of conventional LEDs that can emit light in displays. They are virtually an advancement in LED design instead of fully new technology but can b

Automotive & Transport | 31-03-2023

RJ45 connectors stand the test of time

RJ45 connectors, available from GTK UK Ltd, became the de-facto connector for Ethernet cabling in the early 1990s when the IEEE802.3i standard was published. In the ensuing 30 year

Communications | 29-11-2022

10.1" extended temperature TFT added to display portfolio

GTK has expanded its family of extended operating temperature range TFTs with the addition of a 10.1" version. Clive Dickinson, business manager for Displays at GTK, stated, "The 1

Subs & Systems | 21-07-2022

New transflective IPS display for variable environmental conditions

GTK UK has launched a new 5” transflective IPS TFT display. This TFT reflects and transmits light in multiple environmental conditions. Under dim or dark ambient conditions, the li

Subs & Systems | 06-06-2022

New high performance TFT offers high-speed signalling

GTK has added a new high resolution 10.1" TFT display to its large portfolio. This new display provides a low-profile, compact design and employs a MIPI interface that produces hig

Subs & Systems | 26-10-2021

Extended temperature range TFTs added to display portfolio

GTK has added four new TFT displays with extended operating temperature ranges to its comprehensive portfolio of display solutions. The new displays comprise three IPS TFT panels,

Subs & Systems | 04-10-2021

Colour film technology added to displays

GTK has enhanced its PMVA display options by adding colour film technology. This custom film sits behind the PMVA glass and allows the use of up to 12 colours, comparing favourably

Subs & Systems | 29-07-2021

TFT with integrated graphics added to display range

GTK has launched a 3.5” HVGA TFT with an integrated graphics controller on the FPC, allowing users to interface directly with the display, excluding the necessity for any additiona

Subs & Systems | 03-06-2021

New touchless UI solution for safe and hygienic touchscreens

GTK has partnered with TouchNetix to offer this solution. The aXiom IC developed by TouchNetix permits the touchscreen sensor to detect a user’s hand some space from the screen. To

Subs & Systems | 01-12-2020

Expanded display range with new E-Paper technology

GTK has added of E-Paper technology to its display product range. The technology offers a low-cost, flexible display with broad viewing angles and good sunlight readability. Its st

Products | 29-01-2019

Thick cover lenses provide extra protection for TFT displays

GTK has recommended the use of thick cover lenses to add extra protection to capacitive touch TFT displays that are being used in harsh environments. These cover lenses can be supp

Products | 02-06-2017

Enhanced letterbox TFT range meets diverse range of market applications

GTK has enhanced its range of letterbox TFTs to include new sizes to meet the diverse range of different market applications that use this footprint. These TFT modules can be used

Products | 31-01-2017

Flat flexible cables are versatile and cost-effective

GTK has enhanced its flexible connectivity solutions to include flat flexible cables (FFC). These cables are primarily used to connect two PCBs and are versatile, cost-effective an

Products | 16-12-2016

Bi-stable technology displays provide image retention

GTK has announced it is now able to supply custom displays using Bi-stable technology which enables an image to remain on the display screen without using any power, until the imag

Subs & Systems | 01-07-2016