Thick cover lenses provide extra protection for TFT displays

02-06-2017 | GTK | Subs & Systems

GTK has recommended the use of thick cover lenses to add extra protection to capacitive touch TFT displays that are being used in harsh environments. These cover lenses can be supplied in thicknesses ranging between 1.1mm through to 8mm and can be added to TFT screen sizes ranging from 2.4” to 15”. In cases where the cover lens glass exceeds 4mm thickness, an industrial capacitive IC controller is required. Clive Dickinson, business manager for Optoelectronics at GTK, said, β€œThe use of cover lenses on capacitive TFT displays gives OEMs that extra reassurance that the displays are sufficiently robust when used in harsh environments. This solution is ideal for a wide range of different applications, including industrial electronics, fire detection, construction and the oil and gas industry. We are currently using this combination of display combined with a thick cover lens for a fire detection panel for an industry leading OEM.” As TFTs can be susceptible to reflection and glare from bright lights or direct sunlight, optical bonding may be added to between the display and the cover lens to reduce the level of refraction and improve readability. Optical bonding technology can be used in conjunction with thick cover lenses. An alternative solution is to use anti-glare and anti-reflective coating on the cover lens itself. The company can provide custom solutions for customers needing thick cover lenses. Examples of customisation elements include colour printing of borders or logos, slots and holes cut out in the glass, and tint printing for switch buttons and LEDs.

By Electropages Admin