Colour film technology added to displays

29-07-2021 | GTK | Subs & Systems

GTK has enhanced its PMVA display options by adding colour film technology. This custom film sits behind the PMVA glass and allows the use of up to 12 colours, comparing favourably with colour printing technology, which only permits a maximum of four colours. These displays have the added advantage of outstanding contrast ratios and operating in a wide temperature band, ranging from -30C to 85C.

PMVA displays are fundamentally monochrome products but technology, in the form of colour printing, LED arrays and colour film, has allowed OEMs to add colours, resulting in remarkably reliable and cost-competitive products that can be combined into new designs rapidly.

Clive Dickinson, business manager for displays at GTK, said: "This is a great addition to our display capabilities, as PMVA technology and its price point compares very favourably with TFTs. The new colour film technology opens up new possibilities for OEMs with the increase in colour combinations. This technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, process controls, instrumentation, home automation, industrial controls and many more."

The company's technical experts can support customers with display selection, customisation and connectivity options.

By Natasha Shek