Bi-stable technology displays provide image retention

01-07-2016 | GTK | Subs & Systems

GTK has announced it is now able to supply custom displays using Bi-stable technology which enables an image to remain on the display screen without using any power, until the image needs to change. Bi-stable display technology does not require a backlight, uses compact industry standard batteries and offers designers a number of other benefits including high sunlight readability, ultra-wide viewing angles and high resolution graphics. The display technology is similar to e-paper technology, in that it retains the image on the display screen without consuming power. E-paper is limited to a black and white colour combination, whereas Bi-stable technology uses printed fixed colours. Currently blue, red and green colours are available as standard, with other colours available on request. The typical configuration is for two colours to be used: one for text and the other for the contrasting background, but it is possible to add more colour layers to the display background if required. Bi-stable technology performs well from a readability and power consumption perspective, but is limited to simple custom segment, graphic or dot-matrix displays. It also has a marginally slower response time (image refresh rate) than more sophisticated displays, such as TFTs. It is also susceptible to UV light and this can be alleviated by using protective covers, SAYS THE COMPANY. Clive Dickinson, business manager for optoelectronics, GTK, said: "Bi-stable display technology is ideal for displays in applications where power consumption is critical, and the display output requirement is simple. Typical applications for this technology include shelf-edge labels and simple consumer electronic products."


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