FLIR Systems

Cooled automation camera for process control and quality assurance

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced the FLIR A6301, a highly sensitive, cooled midwave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applicati

Test & Measurement | 21-05-2024

Visualising sound with an ultrasonic leak detection camera

The FLIR Si124 makes it possible to visualise sound. You do not need to be an acoustic engineer to make sense of it either: this industrial acoustic imaging camera creates a precis

Test & Measurement | 09-12-2021

New radiometric version of thermal imaging camera module

The Boson camera core represents the best in FLIR high-performance uncooled thermal imaging technology inside a small, lightweight, and low-power package, and now the company's par

Subs & Systems | 12-04-2021

Thermal camera for condition monitoring and science applications

FLIR Systems has released the latest T-Series high-performance thermal camera, the FLIR T865. Created for electrical condition and mechanical equipment inspection and use in resear

Test & Measurement | 08-04-2021

Advanced CMOS sensors in an ice-cube form factor crammed with powerful features

The FLIR Blackfly S uses the industry’s most advanced sensors in an ice-cube form factor. It is crammed with powerful features allowing users to easily create the exact images requ

Test & Measurement | 21-01-2021

Compact thermal camera makes it easy to identify hidden building problems

FLIR has presented its latest entry-level Cx-Series camera, the FLIR C3-X, a compact thermal camera loaded with features that can enable users to easily find faults in close range.

Test & Measurement | 26-11-2020

Improved rapid and accurate elevated skin temperature screening

FLIR Systems has launched the FLIR Elara FR-345-EST, a fixed-mount radiometric thermal security camera that measures elevated skin temperature accurately with no contact or the nec

Test & Measurement | 20-10-2020

Four new handheld thermal imaging cameras for more efficient inspections

FLIR Systems have launched four new additions to its Exx-Series of advanced thermal imaging cameras: the E96, E86, E76 and E54. The new cameras provide enhanced thermal resolution

Test & Measurement | 15-10-2020

Increased versatility for uncooled gas detection solutions

The new FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR Series offers professionals the flexibility to utilise one uncooled gas detection camera for gas detection and thermal inspections over chemical and i

Test & Measurement | 05-10-2020

Ultrasonic imaging camera detects compressed air leaks and partial discharge

Acoustic imaging, or the capability to see ultrasonic sound, has appeared as an effective method for manufacturing and utility organisations to uncover compressed air leaks or the

Test & Measurement | 23-09-2020

Thermal imaging camera provides inspectors with essential tools

The FLIR T540, available now from RS Components, is intended to support advanced thermographs and IR service consultants in the electrical distribution, power generation, and manuf

Test & Measurement | 08-09-2020

Mid and longwave thermal cameras for research and development

The capacity to accurately measure thermal events over an extensive range of targets and temperatures is essential for industrial, defence, and manufacturing research and developme

Test & Measurement | 02-09-2020

Thermal imaging to screen for elevated skin temperature

The FLIR Systems product line-up includes a wide variety of thermal imaging cameras that can be employed for detecting people with elevated skin temperature. The FLIR A320 Tempscre

Test & Measurement | 24-08-2020

Automate capacity counting for high foot-traffic spaces

FLIR Systems now offers the FLIR Occupancy Management Solution for FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen2 to automate occupancy counting in high-traffic and capacity-limited areas. To maintain s

Test & Measurement | 28-07-2020