Ultrasonic imaging camera detects compressed air leaks and partial discharge

23-09-2020 | FLIR Systems | Test & Measurement

Acoustic imaging, or the capability to see ultrasonic sound, has appeared as an effective method for manufacturing and utility organisations to uncover compressed air leaks or the existence of partial discharge. It allows professionals to perform more frequent predictive maintenance routines, to assist in providing a crucial first warning of impending electrical/mechanical failure that may lead to energy loss or downtime of critical systems.

The FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera senses, displays and records sound waves creating a precise acoustic image. The acoustic image is overlaid, in real-time, onto a digital camera image all in an ergonomic, easy-to-use, one-handed camera solution weighing a little more than 2lb (980g).

The blended visual and sound image can be seen live on-screen to assist users’ to pinpointing issues from the sound source, supporting staff to identify issues up to ten times faster than conventional inspection methods for common electrical, mechanical, vacuum and compressor systems.

Constructed with 124 microphones and a high definition visible-light camera, the battery-powered device can identify possible issues up to 100m away, even in loud industrial environments, for up to seven hours of continuous use.

Two primary usage cases for the device include detecting compressed air leaks and partial discharge such as corona, arcing and tracking.

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