Compact thermal camera makes it easy to identify hidden building problems

26-11-2020 | FLIR Systems | Test & Measurement

FLIR has presented its latest entry-level Cx-Series camera, the FLIR C3-X, a compact thermal camera loaded with features that can enable users to easily find faults in close range. It fits in a pocket or tool bag, is sufficiently tough for any job, and offered at a price that building professionals and homeowners can afford.

Along with the 5MP visual inspection camera, the enhanced device has a 128x96 resolution thermal camera that provides a temperature range up to 300C on an easy-to-read 3.5" touchscreen. These features are essential to obtain a detailed view of a situation and troubleshoot areas of concern such as air leaks or hot fuses. FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) mode adds visible light details to thermal images in real-time for better clarity, so users can quickly identify issues within the context of the problem area.

The device stands up in tough environments offering four hours of operating time and provides an IP54 enclosure, giving a high level of protection against dust and water. It is created to withstand a 2m (6.6') drop. The compact, handheld design enables professionals to fit it in their pocket or into their tool bag. The built-in LED light helps see in dark areas such as crawl spaces.

Featuring FLIR Ignite, the device provides cloud connectivity, enabling professionals to transfer, store and backup data directly, so images are always accessible on all devices. The device also provides seamless customer reporting when paired with FLIR Thermal Studio.

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