Increased versatility for uncooled gas detection solutions

05-10-2020 | FLIR Systems | Test & Measurement

The new FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR Series offers professionals the flexibility to utilise one uncooled gas detection camera for gas detection and thermal inspections over chemical and industrial manufacturing, natural gas supply chain, electric power utilities, food and agricultural, and public safety. The most notable feature updates include visualising a completely new category of gases in sulfur hexafluoride, ammonia, and ethylene. The series also provides IR high-temp ranges, improved temperature measurement accuracy and increased inspection flow/reporting with optional add-ons for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.

The versatile device does more than visualise gases – this ergonomic, simple to use camera is calibrated for IR temperature measurement, so inspectors are able to use it as part of predictive maintenance programs, including verifying tank levels and searching for electrical or mechanical issues with no need to change a lens.

The series provides two types of lenses – low-range and high-range – in a standard 25-degree field of view or as a 6-degree telephoto lens. The low-range lens has a built-in 7-8.5µm wavelength filter for visualising methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, R-134a, and R-152a. The high-range lens filters the 9.5-12µm wavelength for visualising sulfur hexafluoride, ammonia, and ethylene.

The series also includes a wider temperature detection range, from -20C to 500C, with improved accuracy of +/-3C, down from +/-5C, within the entire temperature range. The optional on-board routing ability, Route Creator, enables end-users to simplify surveys by pre-planning the route that comprises a list of assets that require to be inspected at each location, lessening the risk of missing an asset that could lead to an unexpected failure. A reporting add-on, Thermal Studio Pro, provides an easy final comprehensive report option.

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