Smart, high-side power switch ideal for capacitive loads in halogen bulbs and LED modules

08-03-2017 | Digikey | Power

Infineon Technologies' BTS7008-2EPA is a 12V, smart, high-side power switch. The device is available now from Digi-Key. It is in the company’s PROFET+2 family of single, dual and quad-channel protected high-side power switches (8mOhm to 200mOhm). The switches provide state of the art diagnostics and protection features.

The family offers benchmark form factor, the lowest RDS(ON) (2mOhm x 8mOhm) and smallest package (PG-TSDSO-14) pin pitch 0.65mm. The whole family is compatible with the hardest reverse battery requirement on the market with ReverSave. The family offers outstanding energy efficiency with reduced current consumption, state of the art current sense accuracy (KILIS), benchmark low cranking voltage capability, and faster switching / slew rate with no impact on EMC.

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