High precision extreme temperature voltage reference for mining, drilling and avionic applications

ADI’s ADR225 is an extreme temperature precision 2.5V band gap voltage reference with an upper temperature range of 175C and 210C. The device is available now from Digi-Key. It has

Products | 03-03-2017

Two-axis joystick ideal for embedded or digital systems requiring proportional control

With a two-axis joystick on a centre button, a trigger button, and a programmable RGB LED capable of 24-bit color, the Digilent Pmod JSTK2 is ideally suited for embedded or digital

Products | 02-03-2017

Sensor designed to digitally report relative humidity and ambient temperatures upon request

Digi-Key is stocking the Digilent Pmod HYGRO. It is a relative humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor for highly accurate measurements at low power. With the TI HDC1080

Products | 01-03-2017

Digi-Key – Solder-free, poke-in connectivity simplifies manufacturing and assembly processes

Bridgelux's Vero SE series is a state-of-the-art COB solution with revolutionary advancements in LED integration technology. The device is available now from Digi-Key. The company’

Products | 28-02-2017

Broad portfolio of frequency control products now available globally

Taitien’s selection of high-quality quartz monitor crystals and oscillators is available worldwide through Digi-Key, as the result of a recent global distribution agreement. Th

Products | 27-02-2017

Buck-boost regulator offers high frequency operation with minimal switching losses

Stocked by Digi-Key, the Vicor PI3741-0x series is a high efficiency, wide range DC-DC ZVS buck-boost regulator with two output range configurations that utilize the same high dens

Products | 24-02-2017

New distribution agreement makes DIN rail power supplies available to customers globally

PULS’ line of efficient DIN rail power supplies is now available for immediate shipment worldwide from Digi-Key as a result of a new distribution agreement. Their products are reli

Distributors | 23-02-2017

ADCs feature power scaling for high precision medical and industrial applications

ADI's AD7761, available now from Digi-Key, is an eight-channel, simultaneous sampling S-? ADC with a S-? modulator and digital filter per channel, enabling synchronized sampling of

Products | 22-02-2017

Synchronous buck converters work with ceramic or electrolytic output capacitors

Richtek's RT6204 is a synchronous buck converter with a wide input range of 5.5V to 60V and an output range adjustable from 0.8V to 50V with 500mA current capability. It is availab

Products | 21-02-2017

Single and three-phase lock loop clocks for communication, broadband and transceiver applications

ADI’s AD9530 / AD9531 are single and multi-output clock generators and are now available from Digi-Key. The AD9530 is a fully integrated PLL and distribution supporting, clock clea

Products | 20-02-2017

Wireless power reference kits for 15W applications

IDT’s P9242-R-EVK and P9221-R-EVK wireless power reference kits are targeted for applications ranging from 5W to 15W. The kits are available now from Digi-Key. The turnkey wireless

Distributors | 17-02-2017

High-performance, long-range radio module for oil, gas and industrial applications

Available now from Digi-Key, Digi International has taken their XLR PRO industrial radio and reduced the footprint to a small module. This high-performance, industrial grade, long-

Products | 16-02-2017

New standards in size and efficiency for DIN rail power supplies

The CP10 Series is a din rail power supply, the latest addition to the PULS DIMENSION product family and available now from Digi-Key. In addition to the high efficiency values, the

Products | 15-02-2017

SP4T non-reflective switches designed for RF, microwave and telecom applications

Stocked by Digi-Key, ADI’s ADRF5040 are general-purpose, broadband high isolation, non-reflective single-pole, quad-throw (SP4T) switches in a small 4mm x 4mm LFCSP package. Coveri

Products | 14-02-2017