New eFuse reference design product available now

04-01-2024 | Digikey | Power

DigiKey has announced that the EFUSE-48V100A reference design product from Vishay is now available for global purchase from the company.

The new eFuse features TrenchFET MOSFETs and is created to handle continuous current up to 100A. It can operate continuously at maximum current with less than 14W losses without active cooling. The device also provides a pre-charge function, continuous current monitoring and overcurrent protection.

“The eFuse concept is an innovative trend that protects both the user and the hardware in high-power applications, and we’re excited to partner with Vishay to launch this new product,” said Mike Slater, vice president of global business development at DigiKey. “With the steady increase in 48V eMobility applications, semiconductor-based resettable fuses like the EFUSE-48V100A are ideal for replacing mechanical relays, contactors and non-resettable fuses.”

As well as safely connecting and disconnecting to 48V power sources like high-energy battery packs, the EFUSE-48V100A also features fast disconnect of loads in under 2μs, a resettable fuse and an adjustable current limit. It is developed to work in battery management systems, EV test environments, solar installations, industry and home automation, industrial and server computing, networking, telecom and base station power supplies.


By Seb Springall